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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why are you here?

Under what circumstances are you visiting this blog?  What did you do today that resulted in you sitting at your computer and visiting this blog?  If you had done something differently today would you still be here?  Who knows.

Perhaps it is fate that brought you here.  Is it destiny?  I personally don't believe in any of that crap.  But considering you cannot go back and change what you did today (barring the future invention of the time machine), and the result of what you did today (you being here), some may call it fate.  No matter what choices you made in the past, up until this point, you would have ended up here.

Isn't that sad?  Isn't that pathetic?  You're entire destiny was to visit this page.  SUCKS FOR YOU.


  1. Sucks for me? I dunno...I mean, I got to see this sweet picture of yours. But it's an interesting point, bro.

  2. Hey man.
    Awesome blog!

    Follow'd. Please post more :)
    Also, if you wouldnt mind, please follow me and read my articles too!

  3. maybe, maybe not. but i chose to visit this page and that choice is all the difference in the world. I could have chosen not to comment too, but I am. all about choice. and the choices of others. Thats where we get chaos from. People make choices and those choice effect others and the way others act effects ect. . . and so on. Everything is your personal choice and chaos.

  4. Principle of sufficient reason.