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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making money with Blogger!

Well blogging is fun, sure. But why not make money while you do it?

I'm sure most of you do. Making a few extra bucks here and there is great, especially if it's doing something you enjoy! I absolutely love posting daily for you guys, and I love even more that I can make money while doing it.

I just came across another way to increase profits while blogging, though! It's called LinkBucks. The way it works is, you create an account by clicking the ad at the top and bottom of this post. Once your account is created, you create links, and every time that link is clicked, you make money. It's that simple!

But wait, there's more. If users create accounts through your referrals, you get an extra 20% of the amount of money they make, as well as money from the people that sign up using their referrals. This works up to 3 tiers.

For example, you create an account. You post a link with your referral and User A creates an account through your referral. User A then posts a link with their referral, and User B creates an account using that referral. User B does the same, and User C creates an account.

You're now making 20% of all of their earnings. So why just use AdSense when you can do more? I've heard of people making hundreds of dollars per day with LinkBucks. And that's only the beginning.

OHH! And check out my LinkBucks blog for a nice guide on how to make money with LinkBucks:


  1. idk i dont like the spam linkbucks has.

  2. Stopping by to say hi to another interesting blog!

  3. blogging is fun :D Thanks for the info

  4. Yeah linkbucks works good as!

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  5. Hm, I'll stick with the publishers I have for now.

  6. im using linkbucks too, its pretty awesome

  7. linkbucks is fairly new but awesome concept.

  8. I considered using Linkbucks but when I saw how it worked, I wasn't too pleased. And it stuck me as a little sketchy. Though, I know many people will be taking advantage of this great tip. Thanks for the info, bro.